Sleep Apnea is Caused By Being Overweight

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Most of us think that snoring is normal, but its not. They just thought that snoring only caused by too much alcohol drinking or too tired. Snoring can be the cause of sleep apnea where the heart will stop from beating. The number one cause of snoring is overweight. Then next are smoking, ages 65 and up, and sleep apnea history.

There are also physical problems like deviated septum, receding chin, thick neck or enlarged adenoids. Anyone can have sleep apnea even if you are young, old, man, woman, and children can also suffer. You won’t notice that you have sleep apnea as long as you didn’t experience to wake up and catch your breath. Once you encountered it, you should be aware of it.

Fortunately, sleep apnea is treatable so stop worrying and focus yourself curing it. In that way, you can now sleep quietly same with your partner. You should quit smoking if you do it, it holds the record at the highest cause of getting sleep apnea. Stop taking sleeping pills, sedatives and drinking too much of alcohol drinks. As much as possible, avoid caffeine or heavy meals two or an hour before you go to bed. Maintain regular sleep hours like eight to ten hours a day, it’s enough to energized your body and completed your cells. And the best way to prevent sleep apnea is to lose weight, too much excess body mass gives the biggest reason of developing diseases. However, some of the diseases caused by being overweight are treatable simply by losing weight, and little medications.

Sleep apnea is a disease which can develop another disease like stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and remaining overweight. Experiencing sleep apnea is a hassle; you will encounter to wake up in the middle of the night because you will hear your snore. Then you won’t get back in sleeping easily until you’ll see the sun is coming. You are getting easy to be irritated, and you are getting poor concentration because you are a lack of sleep. You’re getting out of control and alert on whats happening on your surroundings and environment which means you are prone to accidents. Having sleep apnea is like next to death which is hard to accept but easy to treat.

If you want to know if you have sleep apnea, just do one thing. Record yourself while sleeping, do it for a week and after that, finalize your videos. Make a list of a number of times you wake up, you chore, you snore, you gasp and how long it took. If you see your results with a long time of breath pausing, choking, gasping, snoring, and you heard that you have snored so loud, you have sleep apnea.

Now if you want to stop your sleep apnea, these are the steps you should do. You should avoid sleeping on your back, because as the gravity, your tongue might block the air passage on your mouth and the tissues on the air passage through your nose. Place a tennis ball on the middle side of your blanket for you to avoid sleeping on your back. Use nasal dilator, breathing strips, saline spray or a neti pot to keep your nasal passages open. Do it every time you sleep and surely sleep apnea will go out your way.

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